Massage Therapy Swedish and Traditional Massage of Thailand Robert Dudley LMT

Massage Offerings

Traditional Massage of Thailand

Traditional Massage of Thailand is a rhythmic flowing combination of palm presses, assisted stretching and pressure point work which opens up the flow of energy in the body and leaves one feeling both relaxed and energized at the end of a session. The work is done on a pad on the floor with the client comfortably clothed. This tradition dates back over 2500 years and has it's roots in Buddhism, Yoga, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The work is intended to balance the energy system of the body, increase flexibility, and relax the muscles and nervous system. An important element in this work is compassion, which naturally arises from this practice.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is practiced on a table and the smooth strokes and kneading are great for circulation, general relaxation and treatment of sore muscles and joints.

Swedish-Thai on the Table

An eclectic combination of Swedish Massage and the Traditional Massage of Thailand. The blending of the soothing flow of the Swedish work with oil and the Thai style stretching and pressure point work is wonderfully soothing and relaxing.

Chair Massage

This work is practiced clothed seated on a special massage chair and is primarily intended for 10 to 15 minute massages focusing on the back, neck and shoulders. It is useful where there are groups of people such as at a workplace or senior center and is viewed as welcome, quick and effective relaxation.

All of these treatments are very effective for treating neck, shoulder and back problems. The Swedish and Thai massages can also help to relieve sciatica.

Rates: $120 per hour for house calls both in New York City and on Eastern Long Island.

Contact: 631 325 8260 or cell 516 641 9057